doorman must be overcome

My hand tore at the snake and tore in vain; it did not tear the snake out of his throat. Then it cried out of me: "Bite! Bite its head off! Bite!" Thus it cried out of me--my dread, my hatred, my nausea, my pity... But the shepherd bit...Far away he spewed the head of the snake - and sprung up - no longer a shepherd, no longer a man - a transfigured being that laughed! Never yet on earth has a man laughed as he laughed."
- Nietzsche

Playmobil toy people sit on Playmobil park benches and feed Playmobil pigeons. They look into Playmobil mirrors, fall through Playmobil trap doors (perfectly functional trap doors that come with Pirate Prison set # 3288), and climb on Playmobil chairs to escape Playmobil snakes - like the one that crawled into a shepherd's throat when he's been asleep. But a shepherd will not do this time. A doorman is better though he is an unlikely hero. Doormen allow themselves to be laden like camels. They carry other people's luggage until, exhausted, they take a nap. You don't expect them to be heroes. But they wear 18th century paramilitary uniforms like pirates. Indeed, all that is necessary is a pirate, a snake(set # 7092) and a nice couch (set # 5327).